How to improve engagement with your Toddler

parent-resources | By Where We Grow | February 14, 2023

We’ve all heard the saying “terrible twos” right? 

Sometimes parents worry about how to best care for their child, especially as they grow older and enter their toddler years. That’s why we have found some of the best tips for parents with toddlers. Keep reading for more!

Parenting Tips

Encourage your Child to Explore

As your child grows and develops, you will get a better understanding of their likes and interests. Asking your child a range of questions will encourage them to explore the environment around them as well as exploring their own interests. Through asking your child a multitude of questions and prompting them with actions, it will enhance their critical thinking, language development and social skills. 

You may prompt your child through various topics, including: 

  • Ask your child to spot different items around the house and to name those items
  • Play the “I-Spy” game with your child when you are driving or running errands outside of home – this game is a fun and excellent way to encourage social skills as the game is based on turn-taking, encouraging your child to interact with you and wait for their turn
  • Encourage your toddler’s newfound independence as they get older – this could be as easy as letting them dress themselves or picking which shoes they would like to wear that day 
  • Ask your child to tell you their name and age, and let them answer these questions if they get asked by others – this will help establish their confidence!
  • Teach your child about ‘right vs wrong’ in a gentle, inviting manner that allows them to ask questions. For example saying, “don’t touch sharp objects because you can hurt yourself” rather than screaming and criticising your child without any explanation. 

Encourage Your Child to Learn New Words

Your child’s brain is like a sponge soaking up new information and knowledge daily, so why not make the most of it to teach them something new? There are so many fun ways to teach your child new words, such as: 

  • Explaining what things are around their environment, for example pointing to the microwave and saying “this is a microwave, we use it to heat our food!” Simple statements like this are a great way to communicate new things to your child in a casual and easy manner
  • Playing educational games such as matching card games will accelerate your child’s knowledge and vocabulary. Some great matching card games that are inexpensive from Amazon include: Animal Matching Games and First 100 Animals Matching Card Game
  • Play follow the leader with your child 
  • Allow ‘reading time’ for you and your child often so they may bond with you whilst also allowing them to gain insight into new ideas and words

Help Your Child Express Themselves

  • One way of encouraging your toddler to express themselves could be signing them up for a sport or extra curricular activity! Some great sports could be dancing, soccer or basketball! This is also a great way for your child to make friends and enhance their social skills and confidence. 
  • Allow them opportunities to sing fun and educational songs and rhymes with you. This includes classics such as Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Allow your toddler to choose some clothing items next time you go shopping for them. This could be fun for your toddler but also overwhelming if there are too many options to choose from, so present 2-3 items, T-shirts for example, and let them choose their favourite one to purchase! 

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We hope you try these tips and give some of these suggestions a go the next time you are stuck!