6 weeks – 12 months

At this stage of a child’s development, we are looking to introduce your child to the world.

Our educators offer our nursery children endless opportunities to explore their world through their senses. We want our children to use sight, smell, sound, touch and taste to develop their understanding of the world. We want them to learn to trust and feel confident in who they are and who shares their environment. To tailor the learning experiences and environments, we split our Nursery aged children into two rooms, Nursery 1 and Nursery 2. Nursery 1 caters for children aged 6 weeks – 12 months and Nursery 2 is for children aged 12months – 2 years.

Our Nursery Room is a language rich environment as our educators communicate constantly with their children. It is an expressive and safe environment where art and aesthetic motion are joyfully encouraged. Our educators utilise caringly the Circle of Security within the Nursery and allow that circle to grow naturally larger in proportion to each child’s growing social confidence.

What's Provided?

For our nursery children, we provide nappies, wipes, sunscreen, tailored routines and nutritious meals for those venturing into the world of food. Our centres also provide a safe and peaceful sleep environment. Our staff are trained in safe sleep guidelines and complete regular sleep checks which are recorded.