Your Home Away From Home

We understand the importance of education in the formative years of a child’s life. Our classrooms act as a doorway to further development, where learning is encouraged anywhere, at any time.

Our educators encourage parental participation in the care of their children through decision making and involvement in a consultative and advisory manner.

Our Approach to Learning

We understand that our roles as early childhood educators play an important role in maximising the developmental opportunities of the children in our service.

We recognise that all children learn in a different way and at a different pace. Our unique tailored learning approach is designed to suit each individual, each family and community that come through our centres.

Our centres are designed to encourage play-based learning, which supports our curriculum in developing each child’s interests, strengths and abilities.

Working Together to Maximise Growth

Our educators incorporate a range of developmental approaches and theories to ensure that the uniqueness of our approach come together collaboratively with the uniqueness of our children. This collaboration is the foundation upon which our developmental curriculums, projects and environments are built.

We encourage parental participation and believe that learning potential is maximised when parents are actively involved in their child’s education. We encourage feedback and parents are always welcome to spend time and help in our centre’s daily routines.

Empowering Young Learners

Our centres enhance the mantra of being, belonging and becoming, and are places that growth and learning walk hand in hand. Children are shown how they can be the architects of their own learning. Once a child realises this, they begin to tread their own path toward holistic development and understanding.

At Where We Grow we utilise the National Early Years Learning Framework to assist your child’s development. This framework focuses on the following goals:

  • Identity
  • Connections in their world
  • Wellbeing
  • Confidence and involvement in learning
  • Communication

Nature Play

Our centres are purposefully designed to encourage nature play. Our outdoor facilities encourage children to explore and be immersed in the natural world around them. From looking after their vegetable gardens, through to planting seeds, our children are invited to participate daily in nature learning opportunities. These opportunities show a deep respect for the natural environment and will seek out those experiences that allow further investigation of the natural world around them. Our outdoor areas are also constructed using a more natural approach, where possible we use wooden and recycled resources.


Embedding sustainable practices within our educational program allows children to be mindful about the world we live in. Nature and the environment plays a key role in education.

It allows children to be connected to their environment and develop an appreciation for all living things.

Our centres have a sustainability plan which includes vegetable gardens, recycling and composting, water conservation and practices to reduce energy consumption.


Our centres are purpose built to create a world of wonder and to encourage imaginative play.

Whether it is through planned experiences, use of resources or design of our rooms, we encourage children to discover the world around them.

Health & Nutrition

We provide five nutritious meals daily which are cooked by our in-house chefs. Our menu plans incorporate a wide-variety of foods and provide our children to learn the importance of establishing healthy eating habits. Where possible, we like to support the use of local produce.