For the children of Where We Grow, we offer four different rooms. Each room is designed to meet the emotional, physical and cognitive needs throughout a child’s development, whilst providing ongoing opportunities for exploration, investigation and actuation.

The children of Where We Grow are encouraged to graduate through these rooms as they are confident and willing to do so. This supportive graduation is offered so that children, and their families, know that their individual personality and ability is respected and considered.



At this stage of a child’s development, we are looking to introduce your child to the world. Our educators offer our nursery children endless opportunities to explore their world through their senses. We want our children to use sight, smell, sound, touch and taste to develop their understanding of the world. We want them to learn to trust and feel confident in who they are and who shares their environment.

Our Nursery Room is a language rich environment as our educators communicate constantly with their children. It is an expressive and safe environment where art and aesthetic motion are joyfully encouraged. Our educators utilise caringly the Circle of Security within the Nursery and allow that circle to grow naturally larger in proportion to each child’s growing social confidence.

For our nursery children, we provide nappies, tailored routines and nutritious meals for those venturing into the world of food. Our centres also provide a safe and peaceful sleep environment. Our staff are trained in safe sleep guidelines and complete regular sleep checks which are recorded.


2 – 3 YEARS

At this stage of development, children have a vague comprehension of what and who, our educators now invite them to ask why and how. In the Toddler Room our children begin to learn that they are capable of early, simple self-governance. We encourage a range of self-help skills like serving their own meals, dressing and undressing, and toileting.

We are also encouraging vocal initiations and ideas to be shared forward. Ideas that will impact not only the child offering the suggestion but also others who may enjoy the sharing of that idea. Here is where we begin to see more obvious examples of child directed learning and exploration. These examples are given form through artistic explanations, photographic journals and curriculum input.

Our toddlers are provided with hot nutritious meals from paddock to plate, tailored sleep routines and nappies.


3 – 4 YEARS

Within our Pre-Kindy Room we are beginning to see social attachments form between our children, which lead to the sharing of perspectives and the shaping of new understandings and ideas. Our Pre-Kindy children are shown how they can impact their environment and how their environments can have an impact on them. This is the beginning of building a sense of responsibility and interdependence.

The Pre-Kindy Room is also an opportunity for our children to explore longer term investigations. By instilling a sense of curiosity and wonder, we have in our midst very capable learners. These learners are more than ready to examine the world around them more intimately.

Our Pre-Kindy children are provided with hot nutritious meals and regularly participate in incursions and excursions. We also have yoga, karate and computer classes.


4 – 5 YEARS

At this stage of a child’s development we can begin to introduce concepts, theories, processes and cycles. The possibility of deeper comprehension begins to reveal itself at this stage of a child’s development and it is the responsibility of the educator to ensure that curiosity is nurtured so that it may continue to grow.

Our Kindy Room also helps the children to establish a social confidence that they can take with them to school. It is the aim of our educators to ensure that our children graduate with the surety of self that will enable them to explore new friendships, impact their new environments and remain active in their ongoing development.