Where We Grow Angle Vale

We are excited to announce that Where We Grow Early Learning Angle Vale is now open. Our beautiful Angle Vale centre is located on the corner of Saverio Boulevard and  Heaslip Road and is part of the Miravale Estate. Call today to book your tour!

Angle Vale

1 Saverio Blvd
Angle Vale SA 5117

Mon-Fri 6:30 AM-6:30 PM


(08) 8486 1115


6 weeks - 12 months

At this stage of a child’s development, we are looking to introduce your child to the world. At such a young age, so much of life’s experiences are a first so it is important that compassion and gentleness are the cornerstones of developmental guidance in our Nursery Room.


12 - 24 months

Our Toddler Room’s environment is created to reflect the children it hosts. While this age group is still exploring their world daily, they are also beginning to make an impact on that world. Our Toddler Room is a room that offers elementary actuation opportunities, expressive opportunities and socialising opportunities.


2 - 3 years

Our Pre-Kindy Room is a world where children can explore all areas of learning instead of just the basics of learning. At this age children are beginning to develop an awareness of self, social attachments and an increased curiosity about the wider environment. This is the beginning of building a sense of responsibility and interdependence.

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3 - 6 years

In Kindergarten we encourage children to refine their views of themselves and instil in them a sense of wonder and natural curiosity about their world. Our educators strive to show the children a world of investigation without barriers. We want our children to ask questions, to disagree, to discuss and be open to multiple perspectives. We see our Kindy Room as a learning community. Our educators are a large part of this community however they remain only a part of it.

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Supporting you through COVID 19 – We are taking enrolments

Where We Grow Early Learning Centres is providing safe, educational and nurturing care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our centres are continuing to take enrolments during this time while providing a highly safe care service during these unprecedented times.

We understand that your care requirements can change and we are able to adapt, grow and help find the best solution for your families needs. We want to echo South Australia’s Chief Medical Officer’s stance that schools are a safe place. With spaces available across our five locations, we are able to cater for new enrolments without compromising the health and safety of other enrolments and our team.

We are able to do this:
– Through utilising all rooms throughout our centres to allow for more space 
– Asking essential questions relating to health for new enrolments
– Temperature checking on arrival
– Extra and thorough cleaning of surfaces, toys and centre throughout the day

if you have any further questions, please contact your local centre